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Webcam Nexigo N960E (black)

Webcam Nexigo N960E (black)

Ceníková cena2686.60( 2220.33net )
Kód výrobceN960E
EAN kód5905316149618
2 731,00 Kč
brutto / ks.
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Nexigo N960E Webcam

The Nexigo N960E webcam is an excellent choice for professionals and enthusiasts who value image quality, privacy protection, and versatility. With 1080P image quality at 60 frames per second, adjustable lighting, advanced autofocus, a built-in microphone with ENC, and practical mounting options, this camera is perfect for streaming, video conferencing, and content creation.

Privacy Protection

One of the key features of the Nexigo N960E camera is its lens cover, which provides users with full control over their privacy. In an era of growing concerns about digital security, the ability to physically cover the camera lens is an invaluable advantage, ensuring peace of mind when the device is not in use.

Image Quality

One of the most important aspects of any webcam is image quality. The Nexigo N960E offers clear and smooth 1080P resolution at 60FPS, guaranteeing excellent visibility and detail whether you're live streaming or participating in video conferences.

Adjustable Lighting

The N960E stands out with its built-in lighting that can be adjusted for temperature (cool, warm, neutral) and brightness using a touch panel. This allows users to customize the lighting to suit their environment and personal preferences, which is crucial for achieving optimal image quality.

Fast and Accurate Autofocus

The Nexigo N960E camera is equipped with a fast and accurate autofocus system that maintains image sharpness even during movement. This feature is particularly useful for dynamic streams or presentations when the user is not stationary.

Built-in Microphone with ENC

The built-in microphone with ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation) technology significantly improves sound quality by minimizing external interference. This allows for better clarity and understanding of the speaker, which is essential for both professional and personal communication.

Easy and Convenient Mounting

The Nexigo N960E webcam stands out for its versatile mounting options, offering users two practical solutions. It comes with a convenient clip that allows for easy and stable attachment to the top edge of a monitor. This option is perfect for those who need a quick and reliable way to set up the camera at their workspace or home office. The camera also features a tripod thread, providing the flexibility to place it on any tripod. This feature is particularly useful for professionals and content creators who require more framing and camera positioning options. Both mounting options not only provide comfort but also ensure that the camera is securely and safely mounted in the chosen location.



Image Quality1080P 60FPS