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Rojeco Dog Automatic Leash LED 5 m (purple)

Rojeco Dog Automatic Leash LED 5 m (purple)

Kód výrobceRQYS-04 purple
EAN kód6975116293025
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Rojeco 5m LED automatic leash (purple)

Take care of both your safety and that of your beloved pet during evening walks. The 5m long Rojeco automatic leash is equipped with an ergonomic handle and a reliable LED flashlight and RGB illumination. It is distinguished by its robust and damage-resistant design. It is also not prone to tangling. Thanks to it, you can walk your dog or cat also in unfavorable lighting conditions, confident that traffic participants will notice your presence. The product is suitable for pets weighing up to 35 kg.


RGB backlighting

The Rojeco leash offers a two-sided RGB light ring, so you can walk your pet in adverse lighting conditions without worrying about safety. Up to 5 colors will be at your disposal.


LED flashlight

With Rojeco you will increase your visibility on the road. The automatic leash is equipped with a built-in LED flashlight, so you won't miss anything important and stay alert in case of emergency.


Intuitive operation

Thanks to a practical button, operation of the Rojeco lanyard is convenient and intuitive. The first press of the button activates the LED flashlight. If you want to activate the RGB backlight, press the button once again. The third press makes you use both the flashlight and the backlight. The fourth press, on the other hand, disables both functions. In turn, you can conveniently control the length of the lanyard with the toggle switch.


Thoughtful design

The lanyard rotates 360°, is tangle-free and damage-resistant. The U-shaped retraction opening allows you to control your pet from any angle. This allows you to freely walk your furry friend, knowing that he will not move away from you at a dangerous distance. In addition, the ergonomic handle is made of non-slip TPR material for added comfort. To power the device, you will need two AAA batteries (to be purchased separately).

Manufacturer Rojeco
Model RQYS-04-purple
Material ABS / TPR / plated metal / nylon
Color purple
Length 5 m
Weight 314 g
Dimensions 18.5 x 11.5 cm
Purpose animals weighing up to 35 kg