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Magnetic VND Filter Set VND Freewell 95 MM

Magnetic VND Filter Set VND Freewell 95 MM

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Ceníková cena5197.00 ( 4295.04net )
Kód výrobceFW-95-MAGVND
EAN kód6972971863257
5 283,00 Kč
brutto / ks.
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Freewell 95 MM Magnetic VND Filter Set

The Freewell 95mm Magnetic VND Filter Set is currently the most versatile VND system on the market, providing access to a range of functions to achieve desired effects in any conditions. With it, you can easily reduce light (VND2-5, VND6-9), eliminate reflections (CPL), or achieve a misty effect (VNDXMIST2-5, VNDXMIST6-9, GLOW MIST). High-resolution optical glass with an 18-layer multi-coating ensures a pristine image, while a solid, magnetic construction ensures stability and reliability. Additionally, the extended range from 2 to 9 stops provides full control over the amount of incoming light. The set also includes a magnetic quick-change mechanism and a protective case.

Key Features

Freewell filters stand out for their wide range of applications. The set includes VND2-5 and VND6-9 filters, allowing precise control over the amount of light entering the camera. The VND6-9XMIST filter combines variable light attenuation with a mist effect, offering incredible artistic possibilities. The CPL filter eliminates reflections and enhances colors, while the GLOW MIST filter gives shots a delicate appearance. But that's not all – you also have the VND2-5XMIST filter, combining variable light attenuation with a mist effect, and ND32/CPL, which reduces light and provides vivid colors. An additional advantage is compatibility with the Freewell magnetic system, allowing you to expand it with additional filters and create a hybrid system that further enhances your creative possibilities. Experiment and achieve the effects you've always dreamed of!

20 Function Types

The Freewell Variable ND 95mm Filter Set opens up many possibilities and creative solutions, providing unlimited control over light and effects. It offers up to 20 different functions. You'll gain ND filters with variable light attenuation, CPL to eliminate reflections, and MISTXND with a mist effect. For example, a 9-stop ND filter reduces light by 9 stops, allowing for longer exposure times or more controlled exposure. The CPL filter helps eliminate reflections and improve color saturation. The set also includes filter combinations, including ND32/CPL.

Solid and Magnetic Construction

The filters' construction is based on a solid frame made of metal using CNC technology, ensuring durability and reliability. The accessories are equipped with a magnetic quick-change mechanism. Thanks to it, you can quickly and conveniently change the filter, even when working individually. This is especially useful in dynamic situations. Now the entire filter set is available in one system, and you can easily switch between them while recording. You no longer have to interrupt your work or waste valuable time on complex filter assembly and disassembly. The Freewell solution provides full control and freedom during creation.

In the Set

  • Filters (VND2-5/CPL, VND6-9/ND32-CPL)
  • VND Base Filter

  • MISTXVND Base Filter

  • Magnetic Frame

  • Lens Hood

  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

  • Protective Case


Filter Thread Size95 mm (2-5)
MaterialMetal, Optical Glass
Outer Diameter (Base Ring + VND Base Ring + Filters with range from 2 to 5 stops)110.5 mm
Thickness9.98 mm
Weight (Base Ring + VND Base Ring + Filters with range from 2 to 5 stops)104 g
Weight (Base Ring + VND Base Ring + Filters with range from 2 to 5 stops + Lens Hood)156 g