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Smartring Colmi R02 20.3MM 11 (Gold)
Smartring Colmi R02 20.3MM 11 (Gold)
Smartring Colmi R02 20.3MM 11 (Gold)
Smartring Colmi R02 20.3MM 11 (Gold)
Smartring Colmi R02 20.3MM 11 (Gold)
Smartring Colmi R02 20.3MM 11 (Gold)

Smartring Colmi R02 20.3MM 11 (Gold)

Ceníková cena819.00 ( 676.86net )
Kód výrobceR02 Gold 11
EAN kód6972436985203
833,00 Kč
brutto / ks.
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Smartring Colmi R02 11 (Gold).

Take care of your health and fitness with the Colmi R02 smart ring. The device can monitor heart rate, sleep and blood oxygen saturation, plus it counts steps and calories burned. It also offers 21 sports modes and features IP68 water resistance. Convenient access to the information it collects will provide you with a dedicated QRing app. The Smartring is also distinguished by its lightweight design (only 4.4 g), up to 6 days of operation on a single charge and stylish, sleek design.

Sleep monitoring

Smartring will automatically start monitoring your sleep as soon as it detects that you have managed to fall asleep. It will then generate a detailed report that you can find in the app. This allows you to get to know your body better and learn what habits are worth developing. Check how long you sleep, how long the different phases of your sleep last, and the quality of your sleep!

Take care of your fitness

Are you trying to lead an active lifestyle? The Colmi ring will help you with this! The device accurately counts steps and calories burned, as well as measures distances covered and heart rate during exercise. You can also choose from 21 sports modes, such as walking, running, biking, yoga, dancing or aerobics, for example. You can find detailed information about your daily activity in the app.

Taking care of your health

Smartring will also help you take care of your health and allow you to react quickly to any worrying symptoms. The device can monitor your heart rate 24 hours a day - all the most important information will be available in the app. The device also measures blood oxygen saturation (SpO2). Keep your hand on the pulse and keep your health under control!

IP68 water resistance

Heading to the pool? Or do you need to wash your hands or take a shower? You don't have to remove the ring every time! The Colmi R02 smartring is waterproof according to the IP68 standard, which means it won't be intimidated by splashes, rain or even immersion in water.

QRing app

The ring connects to your phone via Bluetooth and synchronizes data with the dedicated QRing app. Among other things, you'll find information on your activity, health reports and more. You can also use it to conveniently adjust your settings.

Modern design

Smartring Colmi is not only a practical, multifunctional accessory, but also a fantastic addition to almost any style. It features a modern, stylish design that is likely to appeal to many users. It is available in two color versions - gold and black. Its exterior was made of polished stainless steel, and hypoallergenic resin was used for the interior. What's more, the ring weighs only 4.4 grams and is only 2.7 mm thick - making it very comfortable to wear.

Long working time, magnetic charging

Thanks to its powerful 17 mAh battery, a fully charged smartring will last for up to 6 days. So you can go for a workout or go on a multi-day trip without any worries - the device will not refuse to serve you too quickly. The set also includes a magnetic cable, with the help of which you will charge the ring in just about an hour.


  • Smartring
  • Charging cable (USB-A with magnetic connector)
  • User manual


Main control unitRF03
Battery capacity17 mAh
Operating timeUp to 6 days
Charging timeApprox. 1 h
Charging methodMagnetic charging
Weight4,4 g
Diameter20.6 mm
Circumference64.6 mm