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HiFuture Mi5 Wired Earphones (black)
HiFuture Mi5 Wired Earphones (black)
HiFuture Mi5 Wired Earphones (black)
HiFuture Mi5 Wired Earphones (black)
HiFuture Mi5 Wired Earphones (black)
HiFuture Mi5 Wired Earphones (black)
HiFuture Mi5 Wired Earphones (black)
HiFuture Mi5 Wired Earphones (black)
HiFuture Mi5 Wired Earphones (black)
HiFuture Mi5 Wired Earphones (black)

HiFuture Mi5 Wired Earphones (black)

Kód výrobceMi5 Black
EAN kód6972576181633
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HiFuture Mi5 Wired Headphones (black)

Enjoy high quality sound when listening to music or talking on the phone. The HiFuture Mi5 headphones are equipped with 14-millimeter drivers and feature a frequency response of 10 Hz - 40 kHz. They are also very comfortable and lightweight - weighing only 18.4 grams. The USB-C connector ensures compatibility with a wide range of devices, and the built-in omnidirectional microphone allows you to make phone calls with ease.

Sound at the highest level

Discover your favorite songs in new and better quality. With 14-millimeter titanium drivers, the headphones deliver exceptional richness of detail, deep bass and crisp treble. They have the added advantage of a frequency response of 10 Hz to 40 kHz, allowing you to become even more immersed in exceptional sound. The excellent sound quality of the Mi5 is confirmed by the Hi-Res Audio certification.

Comfort of use

The headphones weigh only 18.4 g and are extremely comfortable - you won't even feel that you have them in your ears. Also noteworthy is the aluminum casing, which gives them a sleek, stylish character. The controller integrated into the cable allows you to easily manage music and calls, and the USB-C connector allows you to quickly and conveniently connect the Mi5 to various devices. What's more, the headphone cable is tangle-proof - forget about tedious and time-consuming untangling!

Built-in microphone

Take care of high quality sound not only when listening to music, but also during phone calls. The headphones are equipped with an omnidirectional microphone that will reliably register your voice in almost any environment - even in a crowded bus or supermarket. You no longer have to worry that your interlocutor won't hear what you have to say!

Wide compatibility

It doesn't matter what devices you use every day - HiFuture headphones will provide you with excellent sound quality in almost any situation. The Mi5 is compatible with most popular devices such as tablets, smartphones and laptops - forget about connection problems.


Impedance32Ω / 1 kHz
Channel balance≤ 3 dB (at 1 kHz)
Transducer14 mm
Sensitivity110 ± 3 dB / 1 kHz
Frequency response10 Hz - 40 kHz
Rated input power3 mW
Max. output power5 mW
Cable lengthApproximately 122 cm