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HiFuture FutureMate 2 Pro Wireless Earphones (white)
HiFuture FutureMate 2 Pro Wireless Earphones (white)
HiFuture FutureMate 2 Pro Wireless Earphones (white)
HiFuture FutureMate 2 Pro Wireless Earphones (white)
HiFuture FutureMate 2 Pro Wireless Earphones (white)
HiFuture FutureMate 2 Pro Wireless Earphones (white)
HiFuture FutureMate 2 Pro Wireless Earphones (white)
HiFuture FutureMate 2 Pro Wireless Earphones (white)

HiFuture FutureMate 2 Pro Wireless Earphones (white)

Kód výrobceFutureMate 2 Pro-wh
EAN kód6972576181497
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HiFuture FutureMate 2 Pro Wireless Headphones (white)

The HiFuture FutureMate 2 Pro wireless headphones combine fantastic sound quality, comfort and a stylish, sleek design. With 15.4-millimeter drivers, they deliver stunning sound, and their ergonomic, open design guarantees unmatched comfort. As many as 4 microphones allow you to talk freely on the phone, and Bluetooth 5.4 offers reliable transmission. Additional advantages of the headphones include a runtime of up to 20 hours and IPX5 water resistance.

Bluetooth 5.4

From now on, transmission problems will remain just an unpleasant memory. The headphones support Bluetooth 5.4, which ensures not only a stable connection, but also better sound quality. In addition, a range of up to 10 meters guarantees greater freedom of movement. Free yourself from cables and enjoy the convenience!

For the sake of your convenience

Listen to music even all day long without fear of discomfort. The headphones are distinguished by their ergonomic design, so they fit perfectly in the ear, while not exerting unpleasant pressure. They are also very light - each weighs just 7 grams. The open design allows you to enjoy your favorite songs without losing contact with your surroundings, and the IPX5 waterproof rating means that the FutureMate 2 Pro will perform well even in the rain or on a workout.

Perfect for calls

Need to take a call in a noisy place like a shopping mall or a bus? No problem - the headphones offer 4 microphones (2 for each) and support advanced ENC technology, so they will not only record your voice perfectly, but also eliminate unnecessary background noise. All this gives you the assurance that your interlocutors will hear your every word with ease!

Premium sound

Your favorite songs have never sounded better. The headphones are equipped with 15.4-millimeter drivers, so they provide the highest quality sound. Let yourself be amazed by the perfect harmony and incredible richness of details - FutureMate 2 Pro is the perfect choice for any music lover.

Up to 20 hours of operating time

Now you can listen to music even all day without worry - the headphones won't discharge too quickly. The FutureMate 2 Pro model provides a long working time of up to 20 hours - it will certainly satisfy your needs. It will work perfectly at home, at work, on a trip, on a workout and more!


  • Headphones
  • Charging case
  • USB-C charging cable
  • User manual


ModelFutureMate 2 Pro
Transducer15.4 mm
Bluetooth version5.4
RangeUp to 10 m
Number of microphones4
Operating timeUp to 20 h
Charging portUSB-C
Weight of one handset7 g