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Regulator Hobbywing Eagle-20A

Regulator Hobbywing Eagle-20A

Ceníková cena265.00 ( 219.01net )
Kód výrobceHW80050000
EAN kód6938994402408
269,00 Kč
brutto / ks.
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Hobbywing Eagle-20A

Hobbywing Eagle-20A is an advanced microprocessor controller for DC motors that combines excellent performance with ease of use. It is ideal for controlling the speed of electric motors in recreational model aircraft, model ships and ground technology when powered by NiCd / NiMH and Li-poly / Li-ion batteries. The controller is equipped with a linear power stabilizer BEC, which provides power to the receiver and servos from the drive battery, greatly simplifying installation and use.

Compatibility with various motors

The Hobbywing Eagle-20A is compatible with 280, 300, 380, 400, 480 series DC motors, which can be powered by 2-3S LiPo / Li-ion batteries or 4-10 NiCd / NiMH cells. This makes the device extremely versatile and can be used in a variety of models, from small aircraft to ship models. The controller is equipped with a 5 V linear BEC power stabilizer with a load capacity of up to 1 A, which provides stable power for the receiver and servos. This solution eliminates the need for a separate power source, which simplifies installation and increases system reliability.

Protection against overload and low voltage

The Hobbywing Eagle-20A has advanced safety features that protect the controller and motor from damage. When the temperature of the controller reaches 110°C, the unit automatically limits power to prevent overheating. In addition, the controller limits power if the drive battery voltage drops below 3.0 volts per cell for LiPo batteries, which protects the batteries from damage. If the control signal is lost, the controller automatically withdraws the gas, ensuring the safety and protection of the model. If the lack of signal lasts longer than 2 seconds, the motor will be completely shut down, minimizing the risk of damage.

Easy adjustment and audible indication

The Hobbywing Eagle-20A controller allows easy adjustment of functions via a jumper switch, allowing quick and intuitive adjustment of settings. In addition, an audible error signal alerts you to abnormal power supply voltage, throttle signal fade, and abnormal throttle control shutdown for easy diagnostics and troubleshooting. The Hobbywing Eagle-20A offers adjustable features such as a propeller brake (which can be turned on or off) and optional battery type selection (Li-poly or NiCd / NiMH). This makes the controller easily customizable to meet specific user needs.


Typedirect current
Continuous current [A]20
Max. peak current [A]25
NiXX articles4 - 10
LiXX articles2 - 3
BEC voltage [V].5
BEC current [A].1
Dimensions45 × 21 × 8 mm
Weight [g].17
Input for sensorsNo