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Chytrý dávkovač krmiva PetKit Yumshare SOLO
Chytrý dávkovač krmiva PetKit Yumshare SOLO
Chytrý dávkovač krmiva PetKit Yumshare SOLO
Chytrý dávkovač krmiva PetKit Yumshare SOLO
Chytrý dávkovač krmiva PetKit Yumshare SOLO
Chytrý dávkovač krmiva PetKit Yumshare SOLO
Chytrý dávkovač krmiva PetKit Yumshare SOLO
Chytrý dávkovač krmiva PetKit Yumshare SOLO

Chytrý dávkovač krmiva PetKit Yumshare SOLO

Ceníková cena2804.65( 2317.89net )
Kód výrobceP571
EAN kód6975069302768
2 851,00 Kč
brutto / ks.
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PetKit Yumshare SOLO Smart Pet Feeder

PetKit Yumshare SOLO is an intelligent pet feeder equipped with a wide-angle camera and a two-way microphone, allowing you not only to observe your pet but also to interact with and record them. Additionally, the camera automatically detects and analyzes the amount of food left in the bowl, and based on the analysis results, it can withhold the next meal to prevent overfeeding and food wastage. With the PETKIT app, users can schedule meals based on the day of the week, the quantity, and the portion size. Food can also be dispensed manually by pressing and holding the button located at the base of the device, ensuring that your pet cannot press it like the button that opens the food container. PetKit Yumshare SOLO can be powered by two sources - electricity from a wall socket, which is the primary source of power, or five AAA batteries used in case of a power outage.

Preserves Food Freshness

The food container mounted on the main unit has a sealed lid, ensuring that the food inside remains fresh. Inside the lid, there is a pouch that absorbs excess moisture. After dispensing a food portion, the container's outlet is closed to prevent insects from entering. Inside the container, there is a rotor with arms that mix its contents, preventing food from getting stuck. Furthermore, the device monitors the amount of food in the bowl to avoid over-dispensing when there is already enough food in it. The device is compatible with various types of food: freeze-dried, dry, mixed, and air-dried.

Two Power Sources

This device can be powered by two sources - electrical power from a wall socket and power from five AAA batteries, which last for approximately 14 days. For everyday use, the feeder relies on electricity through the included adapter, while the batteries serve as a backup power source activated during power outages to ensure your pet receives their meal even in challenging conditions.

More Features with the App

With the PETKIT app, users can create a detailed feeding schedule for their pets. Customization options include setting different values for each day of the week, such as feeding times, the number of meals, and the amount of food. Furthermore, the app allows users to record a 20-second voice message and check the device's status.

Simplified Design and Stylish Appearance

PetKit Yumshare SOLO is a pet feeder with a minimalist, tidy look that is easy to clean and complements various interior styles due to its simplicity. The device's well-thought-out construction consists of few components, reducing the risk of any part malfunctioning. It also prevents the pet from opening the food container on its own or accessing its meal. The included stainless steel bowl with a scratch-resistant coating fits perfectly into the designated space on the main unit, ensuring that your pet won't tip it over.

Package Includes

Main Unit x 1

Food Container x 1

Stainless Steel Bowl x 1

Moisture Absorber x 1

Adapter x 1

Instruction Manual x 1



ModelYumshare SOLO
Camera1080 HD with a 140° wide-angle lens
Infrared Night VisionYes
AI Motion TrackingYes
Feeder Capacity3L / approximately 1.3kg of food
Device Size316 x 186 x 296 mm
Device WeightApproximately 1.7kg
ForCats, small dogs