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Filter Slim 52 MM K&F Concept KV32

Filter Slim 52 MM K&F Concept KV32

Ceníková cena500.72( 413.82net )
Kód výrobceKF01.1107
EAN kód6936069203851
509,00 Kč
brutto / ks.
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Filter Slim 52 MM K&F Concept KV32

The Slim Filter K&F Concept KV32 is a product created with photography enthusiasts in mind, who are looking for excellent quality tools that will enable them to achieve exciting and professional effects. This filter is unique due to a range of features that will enhance the quality and precision of your photography. See what it can offer you!

High Quality Materials

The Slim Filter K&F Concept KV32 is characterized by the high quality of materials used in its production. Made of optical glass, it provides the highest level of light transmission, resulting in extremely clear and sharp images. It's important to highlight that the use of a metal sealing ring instead of plastic guarantees better tightness, protecting the filter from accidental falls or loosening.

Excellent Image Quality

One of the key advantages of the Slim Filter K&F Concept KV32 is its ability to provide high-resolution and sharply defined images. This is thanks to the 8-layer nanometric coatings, which reduce reflection effects, light flare, and chromatic aberrations. This ensures that photographers can be confident that their photos will be color-rich and full of details.

Convenient Adjustment

This filter also offers convenient adjustment, allowing for the modification of exposure to suit changing lighting conditions. With 9 degrees of regulation, ranging from ND2 to ND400, users can easily control the amount of light passing through the lens, which is extremely useful when photographing in bright light or for long exposure times.

Manufacturer K&F Concept
Type of Glass Optical Glass
Frame Material Metal Ring
Range ND2 to ND400
Dimensions 52 mm