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BrainBolt Genius Learning Resources  EI-8436
BrainBolt Genius Learning Resources  EI-8436
BrainBolt Genius Learning Resources  EI-8436
BrainBolt Genius Learning Resources  EI-8436
BrainBolt Genius Learning Resources  EI-8436
BrainBolt Genius Learning Resources  EI-8436

BrainBolt Genius Learning Resources EI-8436

Ceníková cena799.79( 660.98net )
Kód výrobceEI-8436
EAN kód5906168432873
813,00 Kč
brutto / ks.
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BrainBolt Genius Learning Resources EI-8436 Memory Game

The Genius game serves as memory training. Additionally, it enhances hand-eye coordination and supports proper development of visual perception and alertness. It is suitable for children from the age of 7 and adults, including seniors as a preventive measure against dementia. It offers 5 modes, each providing various levels of difficulty. The game can also be played by 2 people simultaneously. There is also an option to mute the sound and repeat the round. Dedicated buttons facilitate operation.

boy playing memory game

Imitation Mode

In "Imitation" mode, the player's task is to remember the flashing of the red LED on the board and press it within 7 seconds. Initially, the number of illuminated LEDs is small, but it increases over time, up to 21. This challenge requires concentration and quick reaction, providing excellent fun for all age groups.

man playing memory game

Play with Others

Enjoy the game together with a friend or family. BRAINBOLT® GENIUS can also be used by 2 people simultaneously. Players take turns guessing the position of red or blue LEDs. The winner is the person who first completes the first 5 rounds without errors. It's a great way to compete and find out who has a better memory among friends.

boy and girl playing memory game

Sequence and Sequence Genius Modes

In the Sequence mode, the player needs to remember and then mark the sequence of appearing LEDs. Sequence Genius, on the other hand, is an advanced version of the previous mode, which also requires matching the colors of the LEDs - for this purpose, the player must touch a given LED several times until the correct color appears. These are modes that develop observation and memory skills.

man playing memory game

Lights Out Mode

In Lights Out mode, 2 LEDs will light up at the same time, and then one of them will go out for a moment. The player's task is to find the missing tile that was not illuminated for the second time. With each level, the game becomes more difficult as one additional missing tile appears, requiring even more attention and alertness.

woman playing memory game

Solitaire Mode

In "Solitaire Mode", the player's task is to click on 21 tiles, while avoiding pressing any of them for the second time. When one LED lights up, the player must press it once within 3 seconds. If the same LED lights up again, it must be pressed twice. This challenge involves remembering which tiles were previously illuminated, making the game progressively more difficult. It's a perfect way to train memory and concentration.

elderly man playing memory game


Manufacturer Learning Resources
Suitable for children 7+
Number of Players 1-2
Power Supply batteries x3 AAA (not included)
Number of Modes 5 (Imitation, Sequence, Sequence Genius, Solitaire, Lights Out)
Option to Mute Sound Yes
Option to Repeat Round Yes