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Gaming mouse onikuma CW905 white wired

Gaming mouse onikuma CW905 white wired

Kód výrobceCW905W
EAN kód6972470561432
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Onikuma CW905 white wired gaming mouse

The ONIKUMA CW905 is a gaming mouse that allows you to choose from 6 DPI levels - each level makes the mouse read your hand movements more precisely, and the cursor moves more smoothly. In addition, the mouse has 7 buttons: left, right, mouse wheel/middle button, forward, backward, DPI+, DPI-, so you can always have the most important functions at hand. What's more, the ONIKUMA CW905 lights up in 6 different colors to precisely match your preferences. Top it off with an ergonomic design created with easy-to-clean materials.

Precise control

The ONIKUMA CW905 is an advanced gaming mouse that perfectly combines functionality and precision. One of the key strengths of this device is the ability to choose from 6 different DPI levels, allowing you to fine-tune the mouse to your individual preferences. Each of these levels allows more accurate reading of hand movements, which translates into smoother cursor movement.

Key features at your fingertips

The ONIKUMA CW905 is equipped with 7 buttons, including left and right mouse buttons, mouse wheel/center button, forward button, back button, and DPI+ and DPI- buttons. This smart configuration ensures that key functions are available at your fingertips, enabling lightning-fast responses and efficient operation of games and tasks.

Varied backlighting

In addition, the ONIKUMA CW905 features dynamic LED backlighting that includes 6 different colors: green, pink, blue, red, cyan and yellow. This is not only a visual element, but also a feature that allows you to personalize the mouse and create a unique style.

Comfortable to use

The ONIKUMA CW905 mouse also impresses with its ergonomic design, created with easy-to-clean materials. The surface is resistant to fingerprints, sweat, etc. This ensures comfort even during long gaming or work sessions. All these features add up to the comprehensive quality of the ONIKUMA CW905, which meets the needs of even the most demanding gamers.


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Default resolution800 green/1600 pink/2400 blue/3200 red/4800 cyan/6400 yellow
Light colorRGB
Operating voltage5V
Operating current<100MA
Cable lengthapprox. 1,5m
Weightapprox. 132g
Product dimensions127mm x 71mm x 40mm