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Air pump Cycplus A2
Air pump Cycplus A2
Air pump Cycplus A2
Air pump Cycplus A2
Air pump Cycplus A2
Air pump Cycplus A2

Air pump Cycplus A2

Ceníková cena937.00 ( 774.38net )
Kód výrobceA2
EAN kód6976297860037
952,00 Kč
brutto / ks.
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Cycplus A2 electric pump

Be prepared for any circumstance. The Cycplus A2 is a multifunctional device that can act as a pump, powerbank and LED flashlight. It is equipped with a powerful rechargeable battery and offers a maximum pressure of 150 psi. It also comes with a ball pump nozzle, a bike mounting bracket and a carrying bag.

Practical pump

The A2 inflator provides a maximum pressure of 150 psi and an air flow of 12 l/min. This allows you to inflate a bicycle tire (700x25C) in just about 90 seconds! The kit also includes a nozzle for inflating balls. You can also set the target pressure and monitor its value in real time on the built-in display.

Powerful battery

The A2 is equipped with a high-performance dual-cell battery (2x 2600 mAh). This makes it stand out for its long operating time on a single charge. Now you can easily inflate a car tire about 3-4 times, a mountain bike tire about 12-18 times, and a basketball about 35-40 times. Your inflator won't discharge too quickly! What's more, the charging time of the product is only about 2 hours - you don't have to wait long.

Additional capabilities

The built-in rechargeable battery makes the A2 pump can act as a powerbank. Now you can easily charge your phone in almost any situation! The device is also equipped with LED lighting, so you can successfully use it as a flashlight. Now you can easily carry out a minor repair on the side of the road or light your way after dark!

Lightweight, compact, portable

The pump weighs only 380 g, and its dimensions are 180 x 55 x 53 mm. Thanks to this, its transportation will not cause you any problem - you can always have it with you. In addition, the included handle allows you to conveniently attach the device to the bicycle frame. Take advantage of this opportunity to have it at your fingertips during your next trips!


  • Pump
  • Air hose
  • Valve converter
  • Ball pump nozzle
  • Bike mounting bracket
  • Carrying bag
  • Screwdriver
  • Screw x2
  • USB-C charging cable


Battery2x 2600 mAh
Operating current1-7 A
Charging portUSB-C
Charging timeApprox. 2 h
Max. pressure150 psi
Dimensions55 x 53 x 180 mm
Weight380 g