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Bike Computer Coospo BC107
Bike Computer Coospo BC107
Bike Computer Coospo BC107
Bike Computer Coospo BC107
Bike Computer Coospo BC107
Bike Computer Coospo BC107
Bike Computer Coospo BC107
Bike Computer Coospo BC107
Bike Computer Coospo BC107
Bike Computer Coospo BC107
Bike Computer Coospo BC107
Bike Computer Coospo BC107
Bike Computer Coospo BC107
Bike Computer Coospo BC107

Bike Computer Coospo BC107

Ceníková cena937.00 ( 774.38net )
Kód výrobceBC107
EAN kód5906168434174
952,00 Kč
brutto / ks.
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Coospo BC107 bicycle computer

Meet the Coospo BC107, a compact and lightweight bicycle computer designed specifically for beginning cyclists. It offers all the essential features you expect from a GPS computer when starting your cycling adventure. With dual GPS and BEIDOU positioning systems, ANT+ sensor compatibility and long battery life, the BC107 is the perfect choice for those starting out in cycling.

Compact and lightweight design

Although the BC107 is a beginner's cycling computer, its designers spent 1,000 hours refining its design. Thanks to its streamlined design, the BC107 is not only functional, but also aesthetically pleasing, weighing just 64 grams. Its small size (805420.64 mm) makes it easy to mount and doesn't get in the way while riding.

Advanced positioning

The BC107 uses dual GPS and BEIDOU positioning systems to provide accurate GPS data wherever you go. When turned on, it automatically searches for GPS and Beidou signals and calibrates the time for reliability and accuracy. Note: Please note that the first startup requires charging and searching for GPS signals in an open area.

Compatibility with ANT+ sensors

The BC107 maximizes compatibility by working with ANT+ sensors such as a heart rate monitor, speed and cadence sensor and power meter. It is ideal for those looking for a cost-effective and convenient device to track their performance while riding. Note: The BC107 only supports ANT+ connections and does not support Bluetooth connections.

Synchronization with Strava

With the CoospoRide app, you can easily synchronize your activity data (.fit files) with Strava. CoospoRide also allows you to easily configure the BC107, analyze your ride data and update the device's software.

Water resistance and long operating time

The BC107 is IP67 waterproof certified, which means you don't have to worry about rain on your daily rides. Its rechargeable battery provides 28 hours of continuous GPS-enabled operation, which is sufficient for long biking trips. Charging time is just 2 hours, and the device's memory allows you to store up to 80 hours of riding history.


Main unit of the BC107 device

USB cable

Basic holder

Silicone eraser x 4

Rubber mounting pad

User manual


Dimensions80 x 54 x 20.64 mm
Display size2.3" FSTN
Automatic backlightingYes
Battery life28 hours with GPS
Charging time2 hours
Positioning systemGPS and BDS
Routing and navigationNo
Memory8M (80 hours of history)