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Shelly Plus WiFi 0-10V Light Dimmer
Shelly Plus WiFi 0-10V Light Dimmer
Shelly Plus WiFi 0-10V Light Dimmer
Shelly Plus WiFi 0-10V Light Dimmer
Shelly Plus WiFi 0-10V Light Dimmer
Shelly Plus WiFi 0-10V Light Dimmer
Shelly Plus WiFi 0-10V Light Dimmer
Shelly Plus WiFi 0-10V Light Dimmer
Shelly Plus WiFi 0-10V Light Dimmer
Shelly Plus WiFi 0-10V Light Dimmer
Shelly Plus WiFi 0-10V Light Dimmer
Shelly Plus WiFi 0-10V Light Dimmer

Shelly Plus WiFi 0-10V Light Dimmer

Ceníková cena500.00 ( 413.22net )
Kód výrobce0-10V
EAN kód3800235265703
508,00 Kč
brutto / ks.
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Shelly Plus WiFi Light Dimmer 0-10V Dimmer

The Shelly Plus WiFi Light Dimmer 0-10V Dimmer is an advanced device that provides convenience and flexibility in managing home lighting. It allows wireless connection to WiFi and Bluetooth, eliminating the need for additional gateways. With predefined lighting scenes and the ability to create your own scripts, you can customize your lighting. The dimmer not only makes it easy to control the lights, but also provides energy savings through smart schedules tailored to the times of day and night. Additional features such as voice control and compatibility with home assistants make it a versatile solution for the modern home.

Wireless connectivity and convenient control

The Shelly Plus 0-10V WiFi Light Dimmer offers exceptional convenience with its ability to connect wirelessly to a home WiFi network, eliminating the need for additional gateways. With an integrated Bluetooth module, the device can quickly connect to other devices or serve as a central point for other Shelly products. In addition, you can enjoy the flexibility of controlling your lighting with your existing switches, no matter what type they are - single or two-key. The dimmer also allows you to set smart schedules that automatically adjust lighting according to the day and night cycle, resulting in greater convenience and energy savings. The ability to use the device as a WiFi repeater and central Bluetooth gateway further enhances the functionality of this modern smart home solution.

Brightness tailored to your needs

Change the intensity of the lighting according to your needs during the day with the Shelly Pro 0-10V Dimmer. This device allows you to adjust from minimum to maximum brightness in a room, allowing you to adjust the light for different activities, such as relaxing in the evening or concentrating on complex tasks. Lighting control is also possible with a voice assistant, meaning you don't have to use your phone or an app - just issue the appropriate voice command. The device works without the need for an additional gateway, all you need is the Shelly Smart Control app or other compatible platforms and voice assistants like Alexa or Home Assistant.

Tailored to your schedule

The Shelly Pro 0-10V Dimmer will adapt perfectly to your daily schedule. If your children prefer to fall asleep with the lights on, you can configure the Shelly controller to gradually reduce the brightness of the lights in their room at a set time, and then turn them off completely after some time. This way, your child can enjoy a peaceful sleep and you don't have to worry about unnecessary energy consumption.

For a delightful mood

The Shelly dimmer comes with predefined lighting scenes that you can activate using a voice command to quickly adjust the lighting in your room. Want to watch a movie? Simply say "Movie night" to your Alexa, and your environment will instantly change, creating the perfect conditions for a movie screening. With the ability to integrate with other Shelly devices, the Shelly Plus 0-10V Dimmer also allows you to create personalized lighting scenes.

With night brands in mind

Don't tire your eyes any more with intense light during nighttime visits to the restroom. The Shelly Pro 0-10V Dimmer can automatically adjust the light brightness level during designated nighttime hours for your comfort and safety. In addition, the Shelly Plus 0-10V Dimmer offers the ability to create custom scripts, allowing you to customize functionality.


Power supply voltage110 V to 240 V AC
Power consumptionup to 1.2 W
Neutral wirenot required
Type of controlVoltage 0 - 10 V (sinking)
Maximum control voltage10 V DC
Maximum control current0,35 W
WiFi protocol802.11 b/g/n
WiFi rangeUp to 30 m indoors and up to 50 m outdoors (depends on local conditions)
Maximum RF powerup to 20 dBm
RF bandwidth2401 MHz to 2495 MHz
Bleutooth standard4.2
Bluetooth rangeUp to 10 m indoors and up to 30 m outdoors (depends on local conditions)
Maksymalna moc RFup to 4 dBm
Pasmo RF2400 MHz to 2483.5 MHz
ChipESP32 4 MB Flash
Number of schedules20
Operating temperature-20°C to 40°C
Operating humidity30% to 70% RH
Maximum altitude2000 m
Maximum tightening torque of screw connectors0.4 Nm
Maximum cable cross-sectionfrom 0.2 mm2 to 2.5 mm2 / from 24 AWG to 14 AWG
Length of stripped wirefrom 5 mm to 6 mm
Mountingterminal box
Dimensions42 × 37 × 17 mm
Weight17 g