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PS5 Cooling Station  and Dual Controller Charger Kiwi Home PB01 White

PS5 Cooling Station and Dual Controller Charger Kiwi Home PB01 White

Ceníková cena878.00 ( 725.62net )
Kód výrobcePB01/White/HJT-422
EAN kód5906168434471
893,00 Kč
brutto / ks.
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Multi-functional cooling stand for PS5 with charging function Kiwi Home PB01 white

Kiwi Home's PS5 cooling stand, model PB01 in white, is the perfect solution for anyone who values efficiency and style while playing games. Designed with the convenience of PlayStation 5 console users in mind, this multifunctional station not only keeps the device at the right temperature, but also offers additional features that enhance the user experience. It also features an efficient cooling system. It offers 3 adjustable speeds, and what's more, it sucks in the hot air of the console from underneath and effectively dissipates heat in all directions.

Quiet and comfortable operation

With a volume level of no more than 40 dB, the Kiwi Home PB01 cooling stand works extremely quietly, so you can use it even at night - it will not disturb other household members. This will be especially important if you like late-night gaming or if you need to charge your controllers for the next day.

Fast charging of controllers

The Kiwi Home PB01 comes with a docking station that allows you to quickly charge two controllers simultaneously. It takes just 3 hours to fully charge both devices, which is ideal for avid gamers who don't want to waste time taking long breaks from the game.

Visual charging status notifications

Intuitive LED backlighting indicates the charging status of the controllers - green indicates that the controller is fully charged, while red indicates that charging is still in progress. This allows users to monitor the charging process in real time without having to check the status of the controllers manually.

Personalization and functionality

In addition, the PB01 cradle offers 8 different colors of RGB backlighting, allowing you to customize the look of the station to suit your preferences and the atmosphere of your game. This feature adds a personal touch to any gaming session. Practical slots for game discs are another asset that emphasizes the multifunctionality of the device, allowing organization and quick access to your favorite titles.


ManufacturerKiwi Home
Volume≤ 40 dB
CompatibilityPS5 console
Voltagemax DC 5V / 2 A
USB 2.0 connector15-60 Mbit/s, 5 V / 0.5 A
Fan speedAutomatic speed (2500-3500 RPM), low speed (2500 RPM), high speed (3500 RPM)
Dimensions35 × 20 × 5.5 cm