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AnyCubic Kobra 2 Max 3D Printer
AnyCubic Kobra 2 Max 3D Printer
AnyCubic Kobra 2 Max 3D Printer
AnyCubic Kobra 2 Max 3D Printer
AnyCubic Kobra 2 Max 3D Printer
AnyCubic Kobra 2 Max 3D Printer
AnyCubic Kobra 2 Max 3D Printer
AnyCubic Kobra 2 Max 3D Printer
AnyCubic Kobra 2 Max 3D Printer
AnyCubic Kobra 2 Max 3D Printer
AnyCubic Kobra 2 Max 3D Printer
AnyCubic Kobra 2 Max 3D Printer

AnyCubic Kobra 2 Max 3D Printer

Ceníková cena12954.00 ( 10705.79net )
Kód výrobceK2MD0BK-Y-O
EAN kód6974662350299
13 168,00 Kč
brutto / ks.
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AnyCubic Kobra 2 Max 3D Printer

The Kobra 2 Max is a powerful and user-friendly 3D printer that features a maximum print speed of 500 mm/s and a size that allows the creation of large models of up to about 88 L. It supports automatic leveling and is very easy to use. Its operation is facilitated by a built-in touchscreen and a dedicated app.

Even faster printing

Don't wait too long for a print to be ready. The Kobra 2 Max offers an acceleration of up to 10,000 mm/s2 and stands out with a standard print speed of 300 mm/s and a maximum speed of 500 mm/s. This means you don't need too much time to print your model!

Powerful processor

The built-in Cortex-A7 1.2 GHz processor, which is distinguished by high performance and powerful computing power, is responsible for the reliable operation of the printer. Thanks to this, the device instantly responds to commands and guarantees precise motor control. All this translates into impressive printing speed and precision.

Improved design

The Cobra 2 Max is equipped with an extruder located directly above the print head. It also uses 2 motors and 2 Z axes. As a result, it is perfectly optimized for extruding filament, allowing it to dissolve and cool quickly. All this translates into smooth printing of even the most precise models - with no visible layers.

High print quality

The printer offers a vibration compensation function that reduces the impact of vibrations on print quality. This ensures greater stability and precision. There is also a filament flow control option, which allows you to intelligently adjust the amount of material to ensure that the layers are evenly and completely filled. As a result, the printed models will impress you with high quality and rich detail!

Ideal for small and large models

Thanks to its large design, the printer allows you to create models with a volume of up to about 88 liters and dimensions of up to 420 x 420 x 500 mm. This makes it ideal for printing a wide variety of items - from ornaments and figurines, to useful accessories and toys, to parts for appliances.

Easy operation

The printer works with a dedicated Anycubic app, with which you can, among other things, check its status in real time and update its software. The Kobra 2 Max is also equipped with a 4.3-inch color touchscreen, which allows you to conveniently adjust settings and more.

Automatic leveling

The enhanced LeviQ 2.0 system enables automatic leveling, followed by intelligent Z-axis deviation compensation. You can also level it by entering your own custom values. This makes the printer perfect for a variety of tasks - you can easily adapt it to your needs and conditions of use.

Refined in every detail

Thanks to its carefully thought-out design, the printer is very easy to install and configure. You won't lose too much time on it! In addition, the magnetic spring-steel platform allows easy removal of finished models, and the 32-bit motherboard guarantees smooth and precise printing. The Kobra 2 Max also offers standard filament detection and interrupted filament detection functions. There's also 8GB of built-in memory, allowing you to store up to 400 model files.


  • Frame
  • Base
  • Touchscreen
  • Filament holder
  • Print head
  • Filament detector
  • Diagonal element
  • Knob
  • Wi-Fi antenna
  • User manual
  • Set of screws and caps
  • Cable holder
  • Lubricant
  • Test filament
  • Power cable
  • Tool kit
  • USB cable
  • Nozzle


Filament detectionDefault
LevelingLeviQ 2.0 automatic system (49-point)
PlatformMagnetic PEI spring steel platform (420 x 420 mm)
X / Y axesDual metal spindles
Z axisTwo motors, two Z axes
ExtruderLocated directly above the print head + 2 gears
Cooling fan speed7000 rpm
X / Y axis ribbon tensionerYes
Control panel4.3-inch LCD touch screen
Input ports3x USB
Table temperature≤ 90°C
Dysza≤ 260°C, Ø 0.4 mm (replaceable)
Max. printing volume88,2 l
Compatible filament typesPLA / TPU / ABS / PETG
Printing speedMaximum: ≤ 500 mm/s; Standard: ≤ 300 mm/s;
Max. printing dimensions500 x 420 x 420 mm (W x S x G)
Power supply500 W
Weight21 kg