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AnyCubic Kobra 2 Pro 3D Printer
AnyCubic Kobra 2 Pro 3D Printer
AnyCubic Kobra 2 Pro 3D Printer
AnyCubic Kobra 2 Pro 3D Printer
AnyCubic Kobra 2 Pro 3D Printer
AnyCubic Kobra 2 Pro 3D Printer
AnyCubic Kobra 2 Pro 3D Printer
AnyCubic Kobra 2 Pro 3D Printer
AnyCubic Kobra 2 Pro 3D Printer
AnyCubic Kobra 2 Pro 3D Printer

AnyCubic Kobra 2 Pro 3D Printer

Ceníková cena7181.00 ( 5934.71net )
Kód výrobceK2RC0BK-Y-O
EAN kód6974662350305
7 300,00 Kč
brutto / ks.
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AnyCubic Kobra 2 Pro 3D Printer

Looking for a powerful, accurate and easy-to-use 3D printer? Opt for the Kobra 2 Pro model! Maximum printing speed of 500 mm/s and acceleration of up to 20,000 mm/s2 will allow you to create the models of your choice in no time, while automatic leveling, filament flow control and vibration compensation will ensure perfect results. Convenient operation of the printer is enabled by a built-in touch panel and a dedicated app.

Maximum acceleration

Experience how fast you can create your prints. The Kobra 2 Pro offers a standard print speed of 300 mm/sec and a top speed of up to 500 mm/sec. It also excels in acceleration up to 20,000 mm/s2. This will save you time! Relax and sip your favorite coffee while the printer prepares your model in no time.

High-performance processor

What makes the printer work so quickly and efficiently? The Kobra 2 Pro is equipped with a powerful 1.2 GHz Cortex-A7 processor, which guarantees powerful computing power. As a result, it can provide faster response times to commands, better engine control and impressive printing speeds.

Optimized design

The printer's extruder is located directly above its print head, which, combined with SG15 bearings, a dual-shaft X / Y axis core and two Z axis guide screws, guarantees efficient and precise extrusion of the filament. It also allows it to dissolve and cool quickly, enabling smooth printing without visible layers.

Top quality printing

Do you care about the highest possible printing quality? Do you want your models to be detailed and realistic? With the Cobra 2 Pro printer, it becomes easier than ever before! The advanced compensation function reduces the effect of vibrations on the print quality, and the filament flow control mode allows you to adjust the amount of material to ensure even filling of layers.


The printer is equipped with a 4.3-inch color touchscreen for convenient operation. With its help you can easily adjust settings and much more! You also have a dedicated Anycubic app at your disposal, which allows you to check the device's status and update software remotely, among other things.

Improved LeviQ 2.0 system

The Kobra 2 Pro offers an enhanced LeviQ 2.0 system, which allows for automatic leveling and intelligent compensation of Z-axis deviation - and you can also level it using your own custom values. This makes it easy to adapt the printer to your current needs and situation!

With an eye for detail

The printer's integrated design makes it easy to assemble and set up, and the magnetic spring-steel platform allows you to remove finished models without any problems. You can also adjust the tension of the X / Y axis bar with the appropriate knob. In addition, the 32-bit motherboard ensures smooth and precise printing, and up to 8 GB of built-in memory gives you the ability to store up to 400 model files. A filament break detection function is also available.


  • Frame
  • Base
  • Touchscreen
  • Filament holder
  • Print head
  • Filament detector
  • Cable holder
  • USB flash drive
  • Nozzle
  • Set of screws and caps
  • Test filament
  • Tool kit
  • Power cable
  • Lubricant
  • User manual


Filament detectionDefault
LevelingLeviQ 2.0 automatic system (25-point)
PlatformMagnetic PEI spring steel platform (220 x 220 mm)
X / Y axesDual metal spindles
Z axisDouble threaded rod
ExtruderLocated directly above the print head + 2 gears
Cooling fan speed7000 rpm
X / Y axis ribbon tensionerYes
Control panel4.3-inch LCD touch screen
Input ports3x USB
Table temperature≤ 110°C
Dysza≤ 260°C, Ø 0.4 mm (replaceable)
Max. printing volume12,1 l
Compatible filament typesPLA / TPU / ABS / PETG
Printing speedMaximum: ≤ 500 mm/s; Standard: ≤ 300 mm/s;
Max. printing dimensions250 x 220 x 220 mm (W x S x G)
Power supply400 W
Weight8.4 kg
Dimensions486 x 435 x 463 mm