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Motorcycle Intercom EJEAS K1
Motorcycle Intercom EJEAS K1
Motorcycle Intercom EJEAS K1
Motorcycle Intercom EJEAS K1

Motorcycle Intercom EJEAS K1

Kód výrobce K1
EAN kód5906168436055
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EJEAS K1 Motorcycle Intercom

The EJEAS K1 motorcycle intercom provides a reliable connection thanks to Mesh 3.0 technology and guarantees a stable signal up to 1000m. In addition, it allows communication for 2-4 people and automatically reconnects when disconnected. It also allows you to take photos and record videos, and recordings of the incident will automatically be saved. It also features a long operating time and is IP67 water resistant.

Reliable connection

The EJEAS K1 intercom uses Mesh 3.0 technology, and the connection range reaches 1000 meters. What's more, it allows 4 users to communicate at the same time, and you'll connect with a single click - no complicated setup. Are you worried that the connection will be broken? Don't be! The intercom will resume the connection automatically.

No worries about loss of signal

Compared to other products of its kind, the EJEAS K1 intercom works flawlessly even despite such obstacles as tunnels, hills, has high-traffic roads, etc. The Bluetooth intercom offers a range of up to 100 meters, while the K1 is 1,000 meters in the open and 500 meters between other vehicles.

Create photos and recordings

Immortalize moments that are special to you while traveling. The EJEAS K1 intercom offers a wide angle of 140° and allows you to record videos in 2K@3FPS resolution. This allows you to create high-quality recordings. What's more, the intercom automatically starts recording when an accident is detected. In addition, the device supports Wi-Fi connection and connects to a smartphone. The available app allows you to preview the recording in real time. You can store materials on it with a total storage capacity of up to 256G.

Built-in microphone

The intercom has a microphone, the sensitivity of which you can adjust at 5 levels. By default, it is set at level 3. The correct value depends on the ambient conditions and the speed of the vehicle - at a speed of 40 km/h and low gusts of wind, you can set the microphone sensitivity to 5, so that your voice can be clearly heard by other callers. At speeds higher than 100 km/h, it is recommended to set the microphone sensitivity to 1 to reduce the impact of wind noise on the intercom. In addition, you can mute the microphone manually or by turning on Mesh mode.

Convenient channel changing

The device offers 5 channels, and when you turn on Mesh mode, the intercom switches to channel 1. Each caller must set the same channel on their intercom to carry on a conversation. Note that in bad weather conditions, on a highway with heavy traffic, or with a large number of electronic devices, the intercom range may be shorter.

Refined design

The intercom is IP67 water resistant and has an operating temperature of -10°C - 50°C, so you can use it in various weather conditions. In addition, the device supports EUC connection to the steering wheel and connects to 2 smartphones simultaneously via Bluetooth 5.1. You can conveniently update software, launch voice assistant, use navigation and receive incoming calls.

Long operating time

The EJEAS K1 intercom can accompany you almost all day. The device is equipped with a high-quality lithium battery with a capacity of 2100 mAh, which translates into a long operating time. In Mesh mode the device works 17 h, in Bluetooth more than 30 h, plays music for about 55 h, and records videos for about 6.5 h. Charging the intercom, on the other hand, will take about 3.5 h. The product also supports USB-C fast charging.


Operating range1000 m
Operating timeup to 55 h
Charging time3.5 h
Charging portUSB-C
Battery capacity2100 mAh
Pairing limitUp to 4 intercoms