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Automatic double pet feeder  WiFi Oneisall

Automatic double pet feeder WiFi Oneisall

EAN kód6934399223204
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WiFi Oneisall double food dispenser

Take care of your pet's healthy diet. The Oneisall PFD-002 food dispenser offers 2 food bowls, so both pets can use it at the same time. What's more, the reservoir holds up to 2.1 kg of food, so you don't have to refill it often. On the other hand, the available app allows you to plan schedules and control the device remotely - you can be sure that your pet will get food, even if you are not at home. The dispenser is powered in 2 ways and can be used by both cats and dogs.

Food always on time

The dispenser connects to your smartphone in the 5G and 2.4G Wi-Fi band - just download the Smart Life app on your smartphone. From it you can control the dispenser remotely. Conveniently schedule feeding times and be sure your pet gets its portion on time. There is also a Slow Feed mode, during which food will be dispensed every 10 seconds.

2 bowls

Now none of your pets will have to wait for their turn. The dispenser is equipped with 2 bowls, so each pet can use the PFD-002 at the same time. Food is dispensed in the same amount and at the same time to both bowls, and the reservoir holds 2.1 kg of food. This means that for cats, there is enough for about 10 days. If you are a dog owner, the tank needs to be refilled every 6 days or so.

2 ways to feed

Oneisall PFD-002 is powered by a wire - you will find a cable and an adapter in the kit, with which you will connect the dispenser to a power source. Are you worried that the device will stop working during a power outage? Don't be. The dispenser supports emergency power and has space for 4 AA batteries. Note: batteries are not part of the set and must be purchased separately.

Monitor the operation of the device

The dispenser is distinguished by its user-friendly design. The built-in LED display will provide you with information about the device's operation status. From its level you will turn on/off the lock, set manual feeding or reset the settings. You can also record voice messages for your pet (their length should not exceed 10 seconds).


  • double food dispenser
  • power supply
  • power cable
  • bag with moisture absorbing agent
  • instruction manual


Dimensions18.8 x 18.3 x 25.1 cm
Capacity2.1 kg
Serving size55 g
MaterialABS, 304 stainless steel
Input voltage5V / 1A DC
Power supplyWired, battery operated (not included)
Recommended feeding sizeless than 1.3 cm
ConnectionWi-Fi 5G/2.4G
ApplicationSmart Life
System requirementsiOS 10.0 (or later), Android 5.0 (or later)