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OneOdio OpenRock S Wireless Headphones (blue)
OneOdio OpenRock S Wireless Headphones (blue)
OneOdio OpenRock S Wireless Headphones (blue)
OneOdio OpenRock S Wireless Headphones (blue)

OneOdio OpenRock S Wireless Headphones (blue)

Ceníková cena1879.00 ( 1552.89net )
Kód výrobceOpenRock S Blue
EAN kód6974028141202
1 910,00 Kč
brutto / ks.
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OneOdio OpenRock S Wireless Headphones (blue)

Take your favorite music with you to your workout with the OneOdio OpenRock 2. The headphones feature an open design and provide unmatched stability. They are therefore perfect for running, for example. The dynamic 16.2-millimeter drivers deliver deep bass, and the built-in microphones mute ambient noise - so you can talk on the phone freely. In addition, they work for up to 60 h with the charging case. In contrast, they take about 1.5 h to charge.

Ideal for active people

Do you like to listen to music while working out? OneOdio OpenRock S will be a great companion. They feature an open design, so they won't cause ear discomfort during prolonged use, and will work great for when you want to know what's going on around you. Thanks to the flexible hooks made of skin-friendly silicone, they won't fall out, and you can easily adjust their position to suit your needs. The headphones are also IPX5 water and sweat resistant, so you can use them freely without worrying about getting splashed.

High quality sound

Immerse yourself in the world of music with OpenRock S. The headphones use TubeBass technology, which translates into bass-rich sound. What's more, the headphones are equipped with 16.2mm dynamic drivers. In turn, a special audio algorithm dynamically adjusts the lows and highs for the best possible sound quality. In addition, the refined design reduces the effect of sound leakage. You can also choose from 2 modes: Rock and Relax to customize their performance.

Up to 60 h of playback

Don't worry about your headphones draining too quickly. OneOdio OpenRock S play music for up to 19 h on a single charge. In turn, together with the charging case, the product's operating time reaches 60 h. It will take about 1.5 h to fully charge the model. You can also charge the headphones for 5 min to enjoy your favorite music for 1 h.

Noise-canceling microphones

Talk to your loved ones while working out, walking or doing other activities. The OneOdio OpenRock S headphones use 4 microphones that mute outside noises with artificial intelligence-based noise cancellation. This allows you to talk freely on the phone - now you can be sure that your caller will hear you loud and clear.

Simple, intuitive operation

Now you don't have to reach for your smartphone to answer a call or skip a song. From the touch panels, you can pause/resume playback, activate the voice assistant, reject/end an incoming call, and set Rock or Relax mode. Enjoy the convenience that the OpenRock S model offers!


  • headphones
  • charging case
  • USB-A to USB-C charging cable
  • user manual


ModelOpenRock S
Operating time19 h (headphones), 41 h (charging case)
Charging time1.5 h
TransducersDynamic, 16.2 mm
MicrophonesYes, 4 with noise cancellation