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Blackview W50 Smartwatch (Black)
Blackview W50 Smartwatch (Black)
Blackview W50 Smartwatch (Black)
Blackview W50 Smartwatch (Black)
Blackview W50 Smartwatch (Black)
Blackview W50 Smartwatch (Black)
Blackview W50 Smartwatch (Black)
Blackview W50 Smartwatch (Black)
Blackview W50 Smartwatch (Black)
Blackview W50 Smartwatch (Black)

Blackview W50 Smartwatch (Black)

Ceníková cena996.00 ( 823.14net )
Kód výrobceW50-black
EAN kód6931548315995
1 012,00 Kč
brutto / ks.
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Blackview W50 Smartwatch (Black)

The Blackview W50 is a rugged smartwatch that offers exceptional capabilities for health monitoring, sports activities and daily tasks. It is designed to withstand drops of up to 5 meters, and its lightweight and compact design makes long-term wear comfortable.

Rugged 1.39" display

The 1.39-inch screen with a resolution of 360 x 360 pixels provides incredible image sharpness, and a brightness of 550 nits makes every piece of information clearly visible even in bright sunlight. Thanks to the PANDA glass used, the display is not only extremely durable, but also protected from scratches and damage caused by sharp objects. What's more, the Blackview W50 allows you to personalize the look of the watch face with more than 100 different designs to choose from.

Your health assistant

Get to know your body better than ever before! The smartwatch accurately measures your saturation and monitors your heart rate 24 hours a day. With regular measurements, you can track changes and react to alarming symptoms instantly! The sleep monitoring function analyzes the quality of your rest, providing valuable data on sleep length and depth. The W50 also offers a menstrual calendar to remind you of your upcoming cycle.

With athletes in mind

The Blackview W50 is the perfect companion for anyone who wants to achieve their athletic goals. With more than 100 sports modes, including running, cycling, fitness or swimming, you can accurately monitor any physical activity. Whether you're at the gym or outdoors, the W50 tracks your steps and accurately calculates the number of calories burned.

Ready for underwater adventures

The Blackview W50 smartwatch is IP68 waterproof certified, which means you can safely swim or dive to a depth of 10 meters without worrying about its condition. Thanks to this, the watch can boldly accompany you in any activity, guaranteeing that it will work flawlessly!

Long working time

Thanks to its powerful 370 mAh battery, this smartwatch provides an impressive runtime. You can enjoy it for a full 5 days of normal use, and in standby mode it works for up to 30 days on a single charge. When it's time to recharge, just 2.5 hours are enough to keep the Blackview W50 ready for another day full of activity.

Your everyday support

The W50 is an indispensable companion for everyday life! Thanks to Bluetooth technology, you can freely make calls without having to reach for your phone, using the built-in microphone and speaker. It will also instantly notify you of all app notifications or incoming messages! In addition, from the smartwatch you can control the music player and control the camera remotely.


Display size1,39"
Resolution360 x 360
Brightness550 nt
CPUActions ATS3085L
Battery capacity370 mAh
Operating timeNormal use: 5 days; Standby time: 30 days
Charging time2.5 hours
Bluetooth version5.3
WaterproofIP68 (up to 10 meters)
Number of sports modes100+
Available languagesEnglish / Chinese / traditional Chinese / German / French / Italian / Spanish / Portuguese / Russian / Arabic / Turkish / Hebrew / Indonesian / Thai / Malaysian / Bulgarian
Weight56 g
Dimensions47,5 x 14,5 mm