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Bike computer	Magene C206pro black, GPS, app
Bike computer	Magene C206pro black, GPS, app
Bike computer	Magene C206pro black, GPS, app
Bike computer	Magene C206pro black, GPS, app
Bike computer	Magene C206pro black, GPS, app
Bike computer	Magene C206pro black, GPS, app
Bike computer	Magene C206pro black, GPS, app
Bike computer	Magene C206pro black, GPS, app
Bike computer	Magene C206pro black, GPS, app
Bike computer	Magene C206pro black, GPS, app

Bike computer Magene C206pro black, GPS, app

Ceníková cena896.00 ( 740.50net )
Kód výrobceC206pro black
EAN kód6971606841066
911,00 Kč
brutto / ks.
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Magene C206pro black bicycle computer

Magene C206 Pro Black bike computer is an advanced training tool that will meet the needs of both amateur and professional cyclists. It will give you full control over your workouts, precise data and analysis that will allow you to plan and achieve your training goals even better.

Refined design

The Magene C206 Pro cycling computer features a 1.9-inch FSN screen that provides a clear and easy-to-read display in all conditions. The display is large enough to comfortably read all the information you need, yet compact enough not to get in the way while riding. The C206 Pro supports automatic screen switching on and off based on time of day data from GPS, as well as automatic time calibration. The device weighs only 55 grams, making it lightweight and not weighing down the bike. Its dimensions are 70.2 x 44.8 x 20.9 mm.

Advanced workout features

Magene C206 Pro offers a wide range of training functions. It allows tracking 18 different parameters in 7 categories, such as speed, distance, heart rate, cadence, calories and more. The user can configure up to 10 data pages to display up to 5 different parameters at once. The lap counting function (available in the paid version) will help you accurately monitor your progress during workouts.

Accurate positioning

With support for four positioning systems (BeiDou, GPS, GLONASS, Galileo), the Magene C206 Pro provides fast and precise location determination, even in difficult conditions. The positioning speed is up to 30 seconds, allowing you to start driving immediately without unnecessary delays.

Water resistance and battery durability

The Magene C206 Pro bicycle computer features an IPX6 waterproof rating, which means it is resistant to rain and splashes. With a battery life of up to 20 hours, the device is ideal for long rides and intense workouts. It can also be recharged while driving, eliminating the hassle of running out of charge during a trip.

Integration with the OneLapFit app

The OneLapFit app offers advanced workout data analysis features. It allows you to sync data, analyze it and share it on platforms such as Strava and TrainingPeaks. With the app, you can manage up to 46 different data elements and 16 charts, allowing you to accurately analyze and optimize your workouts. In the app, you also have the ability to personalize the button to make operating the device even more convenient.


Bicycle computer,


charging cable,

user manual


ModelC206 Pro
Screen size1.9 inch FSN
Dimensions70.2 x 44.8 x 20.9 mm
Number of buttons2
Weight55 g
Personalized pages10 pages
Displayed data in the bike computer29 data items in 9 categories
Adjustable data on one page5 data items
Training functionsLap counting (paid function)
Positioning systemBeiDou, GPS, GLONASS, Galileo
Positioning speedUp to 30 seconds
Data functions in the application23 data and 5 graphs
Wireless protocolBluetooth & ANT+
Battery life20 hours
Automatic time calibrationYes
Automatic backlightingTak
Water resistanceIPX6
Scalable sensor typesSpeed, cadence, heart rate monitor, 2-in-1 speed/cadence (C206 Pro only)
Sensor connection supportTak
Data export and distributionCan be linked to STRAVA and TrainingPeaks accounts, data can be exported or shared directly from the OneLapFit app
Operating temperature range-10°C to 50°C
Charging temperature range0°C to 45°C