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Magnetic tiles 3D Playmags 158 - 60 pcs set
Magnetic tiles 3D Playmags 158 - 60 pcs set
Magnetic tiles 3D Playmags 158 - 60 pcs set
Magnetic tiles 3D Playmags 158 - 60 pcs set

Magnetic tiles 3D Playmags 158 - 60 pcs set

Ceníková cena1173.00 ( 969.42net )
Kód výrobce158
EAN kód5906168437243
1 192,00 Kč
brutto / ks.
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3D magnetic blocks Playmags 158 set of 60 elements.

Provide your little one with great educational fun. 3D magnetic blocks by Playmags help children from 3 years old develop skills, creativity and imagination while providing creative activities. The set consists of 60 elements, which offer many construction possibilities and encourage toddlers to discover new forms and shapes. The toy has been recognized by experts and has won the prestigious Dr. Toy award and the National Parenting Center's seal of approval.

Strong magnets

Playmags blocks are equipped with reliable magnets that allow them to create large and complex structures. This allows children to build tall and stable structures without worrying about the pieces falling apart.

Development of creativity

The toy promotes the development of creativity in children, offering endless hours of creative fun. With a variety of shapes and colors, toddlers can create a variety of designs, which promotes the development of critical thinking skills.

Education through play

The elements of the Playmags set help children learn basic mathematical and geometric concepts, as well as introduce them to the basics of architectural principles. As a result, toddlers gain knowledge of symmetry and shapes while having fun, which can have a positive impact on their future educational achievements.

Improving motor skills

Building structures with Playmags blocks also develops motor skills in children. Manipulating small pieces and creating complex constructions promotes the development of hand-eye coordination and precise hand movements.

Variety of elements

The set consists of a variety of block shapes and sizes, including squares, triangles and windows. There are also colorful letters that can be plugged into the blocks. With such variety, children can create countless unique structures.

The set includes:

  • Square x22
  • Window x14
  • Rectangular triangle x4
  • Letters x6
  • Acute triangle x7
  • Equilateral triangle x7
  • Booklet with ideas x1


Manufacturer code158
Gender of the childboy, girl
Designed forchildren from 3 years old